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One has to envy and admire the footballer Peter Crouch and I don’t mean for his gangly frame or his footballing technique. Nope, it’s his pulling power I am talking about. His other half is one of the sexiest women around and no disrespect to Pete but he’s no Brad Pitt! Abbey Clancy is pictured in the Daily Mirror today in the skimpiest of skimpy bikin9is and all I can say is wow! Her body is fantastic, tones to within a millimetre of perfection by her rigorous stint on that dance show on the television. Her legs are a joy to behold and as for her pert rear, well, all I can say is thank the bikini designer for deciding that he wanted to save on fabric! She does look a bit glum in the pictures mind, even though she is sunning herself on a beach in Dubai. Is that because hubby Pete is thousands of miles away in Stoke? Still, she is clearly thinking of him when she tweeted a picture of her toned tummy, bikini bottoms and toned legs.

At Essex escorts there are a few girls who can measure up to the model though. You may not have looked through the pictures on this site for a while and I humbly suggest that you delay no longer before having a sneaky peek. There are quite a few new girls looking for guys to show them the ropes and each one of theme is every bit as sexy as the stick thin Liverpudlian lady.

By Alice Lovelace