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Girls who speak for themselves

I’ve been trying to think up catchy slogans for the Essex Escorts web site and it is much harder than it at first appears. An escort a day keeps the doldrums away? Or an escort a day helps you work, rest and play? I don’t see those catching on. How about: “That’s escort nice!” No? “I’m loving it…” works but of course that is already taken by a well-known fast food restaurants o I don’t think they would be too pleased with us. Other ideas that have been swirling around in this empty mind of mine include Vorsprung Durch Escort, Das Escort and Essex Escort Uber Alles but as there are no German escorts at Essex Escorts they seem to disqualify themselves even if I do think they are funny. Lipsmackingthirstquenchinsensualsatisfyingescorts… isn’t too bad though the logo would be a nightmare. We can discount go compare straight away as these escorts are beyond comparison! Running out of steam my last ideas were ‘Escorts who are worth it’ and Escortlicious but that’s just because I fancy Nicole Scherzinger.

You know I think I will just let the beautiful, sexy escorts at Essex Escorts speak for themselves. They say that a picture paints a thousand words and if you look at the cute girls in the gallery you would have to agree. Who needs slogans when you have sweet honeys like these? So, if you want a really good time with a really hot escort look no further than Essex Escorts, you know you want to… Sorry, couldn’t help myself!

By Alice Lovelace