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How to be a success with the ladies!

I’m not one for chat up lines. In my experience women find them corny at best and irritating at worst. To me a chat up line is giving the message ‘I am false’ right from the off and it is only a certain type of girl who will fall for something so practised, so rehearsed and so over used. But then I have a friend who has perfected the art of the chat up line to such an extent that he has an almost guaranteed one hundred per cent success record. To put this into context he has been using chat up lines for years and so his act is well honed and finely tuned. He has narrowed down his list of pick-up lines to those he calls ‘cast iron, nailed on, notch on the bedpost certainties’. But then I tried one of them and failed miserably!

It was obvious what the problem was though. When my friend approaches some hot girl in a trendy bar and starts his routine I swear you would think he was totally sincere. He speaks as though he has never uttered the words before. If he did a lie detector test he could pass it I’m sure! But when I utter some cheesy chat up line I sound totally false and if there is one thing a sexy girl knows it is when someone is not a convincing liar!

If, like me, you want to be with a stunning girl tonight forget the chat up lines and just cut to the chase by calling Essex escorts!

By Alice Lovelace