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How do you like your girl...?

Research has shown that there are certain qualities that men consider to be ideal when they are looking for a long term partner. Some of these qualities are self-evident, for example we like girls who we find attractive. Talk about stating the obvious though I suppose the caveat is that we each of us have different types of girls that we particularly like, whether that be blondes, brunettes, slim girls or more curvaceous women. Another quality that is favoured is personality.

We men like a girl who is more chilled out apparently. Conversation is important. Men like women who can discuss more than just the soap operas on television, girls who have an opinion on things. Unsurprisingly we like a woman who is attentive and tactile, who wants to be with us and we also like them to be a little bit jealous. I suppose that last bit is about massaging our ego.

The one surprising thing is that men also hold a view on just how much flesh our girl should reveal in public and the figure is around forty per cent according to the statistics. I guess that refers to a steady date rather than the lap dancer we are ogling in a gentleman’s club!

Thinking this through I am more than happy to spend time with Essex Escorts. Attractive, sexy, up for fun and oh so very attentive the hot girls at Essex Escorts are only too happy to give you the best of times, each and every time.

By Alice Lovelace