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Straight from the pages of a bodice ripper...

She dragged me inside the front door and then pushed it closed before pinning me against it, her hands on my jacket collar and her full mouth pressed against mine. I could feel her tongue probing and licking as she sought satisfaction. Her hands explored my body and I felt all control, and all bodily restraint evaporate as I passionately swung her around and took control. She was mine to have and make no mistake, I intended to have her.

What do you think? Is it of good enough quality to make it into the pages of a bodice ripper? Having written all these blogs about escort adventures I am of a mind to use my experiences to create an international bestseller! Let’s face it, all the best writers write about what they know, what they have done, what they have intimately enjoyed and I have enjoyed quite a lot of sensual moments with gorgeous girls over the years. And having written about these lusty liaisons I think I know a thing or two about how to do a good sex scene.

The ingredients of a good sex scene seem simple enough. Make sure that the setting is romantic and sensual. A log fire in a remote cabin is good. Add in a fur rug and a bottle of champagne. The most important thing is the girl of course but knowing so many hot and fun loving escorts in Essex as I do I can simply use one of my favourite girls for sexy inspiration!

By Alice Lovelace