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Guys and Dolls

I have decided that in 2018 I'm going to travel the world, I have nothing holding me back in the UK apart from lack of cash. I only rent my own home and the furniture inside I purchased second hand from when I moved in so If I get to sell it I will, if not it will end up at the local re-cycle plant. I seem to work to pay bills pay rent sleep work to pay bills pay rent and the story goes on and on and on. As a painter and decorator I don't have many job prospects or job opportunities or even job advancements so this is why I plan on travelling the world.

The only way to get a bit of extra cash would be to get a second job which would have to be nights or weekends. I started to buy my local paper and browsed through the job section, there were part time sales persons, bar staff, glass collectors shelf stackers and then I seen and advert headlined Guys and Dolls, the advert seemed just up my street. Guy and Dolls are looking for good looking men with a strong physical physique for an adult production short movie. There may be instances when you could be filmed naked so shyness is not an option and importantly you need to be well endowed. Evening and weekends 25 per hour call Melissa on ............

I rang Melissa on the number and was interviewed on the phone, she said that she could offer me the job but I would have to send her a photo of my Penis, she said that some men have delusions about the size of their cocks and she didn't want to waste any ones time if my size wasn't up for the job, I thought about this and was a bit unsure but then I thought sod it I don't have nothing to lose and it's not if anyone is going to recognise my dick so I sent the picture and she phoned me straight back and told me that I had the job and that I would be starting the forthcoming Saturday. I was trying to gauge what Melissa looked like by her voice but I didn't get many clues or vibes as she had a bit of a husky Voice.

So, Saturday morning arrives and I'm on the tube heading to Chigwell, home to the Essex escorts Agency, I was wondering what part I would be given in Guys and Dolls, this could be my break in life and the road to stardom. The address I was given was not what I was expecting but more like an industrial unit set up like a third-rate film studio. I was met at the door by Melissa who wasn't the prettiest woman I have ever seen, she sent me to get changed into my first costume and then she showed me which door to go through for the film set.

I felt top of the world and found myself singing 'luck be my lady tonight' as I slipped into a virtually see though pair of tight lycra pants and a tight string vest, this was an adult production. 5 minutes later I was back in the changing room ripping of my costume as fast as I could to high tail it out of this town, I walked onto set, to a cock fest, oh there were Guys and Dolls there alright, just so happens all the guys were gay guys and all the dolls were transsexuals. Chicks with dicks was my first thought, I am open minded buy not frolicking around with chicks with dicks. My acting career ended on that same day. Oh, and Melissa, another chick with a dick

By Alice Lovelace