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Live the life you want to live

How many people feel empowered to live the life they want to lead? At many times I have found myself taking the easy route, accepting convention and going with the flow. Was that because ‘anything for an easy life’ is a mantra for many men? How many of us have stayed in a relationship despite being unhappy? Why was that? Financial reasons would probably top most lists but there are other factors at play as well including an often misplaced sense of loyalty or a desire not to hurt someone’s feelings. Men are encouraged from an early age to ‘do the right thing’ yet there is never any thought given to asking just what exactly is meant by that.

I ask because in a conversation with a friend the other day he said that he had always fantasised about spending time with an escort but never felt that he could actually go ahead and book one. He’s fed up in his personal life and often complains that there is just no spark, no excitement anymore and yet he feels compelled to be ‘faithful’. I stated that life’s too short to be unhappy and that it shouldn’t require a late in life bucket list to wake a person up to the realities of the here and now. If there’s something that you really want to do why deny yourself the joy it will bring is my view.

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By Alice Lovelace