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A monopoly on sexy girls

I have a friend who boasts that he has slept with a beautiful woman from every continent though when pressed he admits that doesn’t include Antarctica. For myself I can only say that I have dated girls from all over Europe and beyond, courtesy of Essex Escorts. And whilst there are no Inuit Escorts available there are gorgeous girls from Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Russia, England, Poland and more. There are also sexy Caribbean girls and some exotic and sensual young women from Asia. All in all at Essex Escorts there is a veritable cornucopia of stunning and amazing women with a talent for making men – and in some cases, women – happier than they have ever been.

If I was asked to state a preference I would honestly say that I have none. No single country has a monopoly on sexy girls and it would be a sweeping generalisation to state that girls from the Ukraine or from the Czech Republic are the most pleasing to the eye, though undoubtedly both countries have produced some stunning sirens. It would in the same vein a mistake to suggest that all English Escorts are ‘girl; next door’ sweet and innocent types. Some are and some are red hot, wanton wenches with a thirst for a good time.

I’ve always thought that every woman is special. You will find with each of the incredible, sexy escorts at Essex and Hertfordshire Escorts something to savour, be it her touch, her smile, her physical allure or her engaging personality. So, life is short so you better begin your odyssey around the world of Essex Escorts right away – there’s no time to lose!

By Alice Lovelace