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The girls at Essex Escorts are acclaimed for their sense of style, their sensuality and their potent sex appeal. Even a cursory glance at the online gallery is enough to know that these beautiful women are high class escorts providing a quality service. And with so many stunning escorts to choose from, including exotic Eastern European Escorts, girl next door types and confident vamps the possibilities for fun are almost endless. Whether you like a woman who is more dominant or a girl who is submissive you are sure to find an ideal companion for that dinner date or cosy night in.

I have often thought that the girls should reveal a little more of themselves on their pages. No, I don’t mean showing more flesh in their pictures – some girls already give quite a good account of themselves on that score – but more about their likes and dislikes, experiences and even fantasies. But actually that would remove part of the appeal, that mysterious allure. There is something very sexy about meeting a girl for the first time and getting to know her little idiosyncrasies, her cute little ways. It could be a case of too much information to present too full a picture methinks though we are happy to hear the views of our valued regular clients.

And remember to visit the site often as there are always new escorts joining us. Without naming names there are a couple of new arrivals who are absolutely stunning, and so sexy that whenever they enter the room all eyes are upon them. Don’t miss out, take a look for yourself and give us a call as these girls are sure to be in demand. Essex and Hertfordshire Escorts – at your service.

By Alice Lovelace