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I can’t abide Twitter, the service which allows you to tell the world what you are having for breakfast, as long as you use fewer than one hundred and forty words. But then it seems that everyone and their dog are using the social networking service for the purposes of seduction. Then there’s Facebook, a nightmare in my eyes and guaranteed to prove that I am having less fun than all of my friends. I also find both of these web tools intimidating as they openly advertise how many ‘friends’ you have. Yeah, I’d love to advertise just how unpopular I am thanks very much! Only joking, I have plenty of friends, it’s just that they inhabit the real world and instead of spending all of their time posting amusing pictures of vegetables shaped like people’s rude bits they instead engage in active dating and socialising with real life, flesh and blood, stunning escorts!

Thank the lord that I don’t have to use some Web 2.0 application to arrange a meet up with a beautiful and adventurous busty escort. Instead all I have to do is use the old fashioned technology known as a phone and make a simple phone call! Within thirty minutes a sexy escort from Essex or Middlesex Escorts will be winging her way to me. Give me the real thing over a digital relationship any day! And with a service this discrete I don’t need to worry that my social life will end up on the internet!

By Alice Lovelace