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Deep feelings of desire

Have you ever been with a woman who you are so into that you can’t think, struggle to breathe, suffer from heart palpitations and break out into a cold sweat? It’s only happened to me once but then you don’t come across a sex goddess every day of the week – unless you book an escort from Essex Escorts of course.

I felt something powerful, a wave of emotion washing over me, before I saw her or even knew that she was in the room. It was like someone had turned on a dozen extra lights. I could feel the chemistry as I turned and looked towards her, my eyes joined by many others as all men, and most of the women, stared at the amazingly beautiful woman who had joined us. It wasn’t just her looks though, there was something else, an aura, a presence that manifested itself in deep feelings of lust and desire. I would have done anything to spend the night with her.

I will tell you her real name though she works as an escort at this agency. She’s a new girl and one who is bound to be hugely popular with our discerning clients. She is called Katia and is from Eastern Europe. She’s lived in England only a short time, travelling here to meet up with a boyfriend but arriving unexpectedly and finding him in flagrante with a busty blonde. His loss, your gain I say. I am in lust but I make it a rule that I do not date the escorts at Essex Escorts. It’s a professional thing as I am sure you can appreciate. But some rules are made to be broken…

By Alice Lovelace