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Sublime companions

And I thought I was insatiable when it came to gorgeous girls! Ex-England boss, Sven is back in the news today as another of his many jilted girlfriends speaks out about her heartache at discovering that he wasn’t just two timing her, he was five timing her. Give it up for Sven we say, a role model for all of us work hard, play hard guys who can’t get enough of a lusty lady. A twenty year age gap is nothing for our man Sven, but even that was not enough to stop his legendary wandering eye from turning away from the lovely Marissa Cauchi and on to the curves of other young women. His latest squeeze is a hot Mexican dancer, Yaniseth Alcides. Apparently he met here when she was performing an exotic dance at a bar. With her slim and sexy figure it must have been hard for the legendary lothario to resist.

I feel the same about the many scintillating, sexy, sensual and sublime escorts at Essex. If you are a man who likes women then these girls will be irresistible to you. And if, like Sven, you have a naughty twinkle in your eye you could choose to date not one, not two but a whole host of blonde and brunette escorts as you seek out the summit of sensual satisfaction. Seize the moment we say and enjoy the heights of pleasure in the company of a busty escort with only your happiness on her mind.

By Alice Lovelace