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Online dating has become more and more popular but it's not for me. I just can't be bothered with it as it seems to be riddled with issues, not least dishonesty, modern dating mores and a language that is all Greek to me! Take for instance some of the most common terms used online by women to describe themselves: fun loving, a few extra pounds, bubbly, curvy and in all of those cases you are actually being given code for 'overweight'. That's fine if you like a bigger girl and plenty of guys do but for me it's a minefield. Especially so when you consider that most of the pictures posted in profiles do not accurately represent the individual presented – unlike the photographs of the escorts on this escort agency site which truthfully reflect the quality of the beautiful escorts available to date today.

I've not even mentioned the profile details on dating websites yet. How many of the 'thirty year old ' women are actually closer to forty? How many of the girls who state that they love to snuggle up in front of a warm fire are actually being mundanely literal when you are reading into this a penchant for hot sex?

And then there are the demands made of men. What is your job? What is your income? Are you funny? Yes, are you funny! Why is it a woman's prerogative to say that she wants a man 'who can make me laugh'? If a guy said the same he would be lucky to get a date with Mrs Bobbit! Personally I would like to see more honesty in online dating. If a guy wants to meet a woman for a physical relationship he should just say so! If a woman is looking for a family man type who will mow the lawn on a Sunday she should make that clear!

In the meantime I will stick to dating stunning escorts from Essex or Hertfordshire Escorts who really do have a fun loving and adventurous nature and who really do want to make a man happy!

By Alice Lovelace