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Never judge a book by its cover

It’s funny how some people will generalise and stereotype. I’ve known quite intelligent people who will state all manner of things about a person they have yet to meet just because that person is from a certain place for example. Take the idea of an ‘Essex girl’. Now I have enjoyed the company of many a sexy girl from Essex and I can honestly say that whilst some have been ditzy others have been university educated and stimulated me as much intellectually as they did physically. The same thing applies to appearance. Point out a busty beauty with her assets on display and the average man will immediately jump to conclusions about the availability of said girl and exactly how she will perform should he be lucky enough to get her alone in his bedroom.

Of course stereotyping and generalisations don’t just apply to women, there’s the whole regional thing. Ask a Northerner about a Southerner to see what I mean or ask a person from London to describe the ‘average’ Scouser or Geordie! Other countries get even more stick. We all know what is said about Welsh people or Scots for example. Of course most people just use stereotypes for a quick laugh or as a kind of shorthand and often a person is fully conscious that the attitude they are displaying isn’t supported by reality. Anyway, the reason I am writing this blog today is because people who have never enjoyed the thrilling and loving companionship provided by blonde and brunette escorts from England and further afield can be guilty of jumping to conclusions about the character and personality of aforesaid escorts. In my experience Essex escorts are great fun, genuine, adventurous and up for most things. I’d rather spend time with an escort than a girl from any other walk of life though I do have a passion for dancers – I guess my idea of sexy heaven would be a ballerina who combines a career in a tutu with a career in intimate companionship. Variety is the spice of life and whatever takes your fancy – but don’t judge a book by its cover!

By Alice Lovelace