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When you whisper sweet nothings...

We have all whispered sweet nothings into a lover’s ear at one time or another but what we didn’t realise was that after sex a woman is more likely to reveal her innermost feelings to her partner. According to research an orgasm produces an intense moment of affection that leads to complete truthfulness. Of course with men it is the opposite as many a female spy has exploited. If you want to get a man to tell you his secrets then all you need to do is dangle the prospect of hot sex before his eyes and wait for him to reveal all!

With this in mind a man should be on his guard as his desire to tell all is simply because he wants something whereas with a woman it is a physical reaction that she struggles to control. The moment of bonding after sex is when most women want to cuddle up and whisper ‘I love you’ and they expect reciprocation of those emotions! How many men have told a woman that they desire her above all else at that moment and then a fortnight later they are shopping for an engagement ring! Beware gentlemen I say because once that band of gold is on your ring finger you will be restricted in your enjoyment of the opposite sex. Imagine what a desolate and forlorn place the world would be without spending time with busty escorts from Essex Escorts! A world without escorts is not a place I want to endure!

We would like to wish a Happy New Year to all of you from all of us at Essex Escorts.

By Alice Lovelace