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Make sure he has a good time she said... and I obliged

As you can imagine, being a stunning woman with a body made for sin I get a lot of attention. Escorts are famous for their confidence, poise and class of course and so I accept the attention. In fact I absolutely thrive on it. But that's when it's attention of the right and proper kind, not when your best mate's boyfriend hist on you in the back of a taxi at 2 am. The problem is I really fancied him. Had always fancied him and if I'm honest I may have led him on, just a little, it's not like I did a lap dance or a full on flirt or anything. Anyway, his girlfriend wasn't up for a full night on the lash as she had been partying hard of late but she insisted that her boyfriend stay out with the rest of us girls. She even asked me to look after him and make sure he had a good time. Well at least on that one point I didn't let her down.

One by one the girls drifted off, some of them with guys and others back to partners and my mate Steph, well, she left with a couple and I can only imagine what they got up to. She's something of a wild child that one, really sexy and really full on. I've often suggested to Steph that she sign up with Essex Escorts agency but I guess it's not for her. Eventually there was just me and Tony and I couldn't help but give him the full treatment. For starters I got all tactile with him, stroking his thigh and leaning in just a little too close and giving him a real eyeful. Then I began whispering sweet nothings in his ear. Finally I was snuggling up real close and even kissing him on the neck. So, I guess I can hardly blame him for being all over me in the taxi on the way back to my place. Or for anything else that happened that night. But will I be able to look my friend in the eye?

By Alice Lovelace