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From fiction to fantasy

A new sex themed craze is sweeping across England: the fifty shades of grey dinner party. Apparently lusty men and women with a sense of adventure and a taste for the, shall we say, exotic have been hosting parties where the guests have to throw themselves into the moment and enjoy a whole host of saucy antics. As someone who is yet to read the erotic bestseller on which these parties are based I am not particularly qualified to comment though if the parties are anything like the reviews I have read online then they must be rather hot and spicy! Of course you and I both know it will be the exact opposite, with embarrassed and sexually frustrated couples squirming through an evening of pretend bondage and over the top amateur dramatics!

In the novel an innocent college girl gets caught up in the antics of a billionaire with a penchant for a certain type of sexual relationship. She becomes his submissive and immerses herself into the lifestyle, deriving pleasure from being his plaything. Sounds a bit like my everyday life to be honest. I wish!

Still, I don’t need an invite to a sex party to enjoy the companionship of pretty, pert, pouting supermodels! The fantastic fillies of Essex Escorts are enough to fuel my fantasies! More to the point, I look forward to my weekly sensual massage – what man wouldn’t? I mean, I feel blessed to be able to relax in the more than capable hands of a stunning model escort from Essex Escorts. I am never less than satisfied and I’m sure I’m not the only one who prefers the genuine, unforced, sensational companionship to a contrived fifty shades style do.

By Alice Lovelace