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More than just a veneer of sex appeal

I think the most beautiful girls in England come from Essex, though being one of them I may be rather biased. I have travelled a lot for hen parties and naughty weekends away with boyfriends and I am yet to come across girls that can rival the lovely and sexy Essex beauties I see every weekend on a night out. Essex girls just want to have fun and they will go all out to get some. There is no pretence or front to an Essex girl in my experience. We are open, up front and if we like a guy we will not play all coy, all prim and proper. We will take what we want! LOL.

A male friend of mine was waxing lyrical about girls in Manchester but then as an Essex boy he is too familiar with Essex girls to be able to make a rational and reasonable judgement. Girls from other regions simply have a veneer of glamour courtesy of being different. He can’t see the wood from the trees in my opinion.

I do like Eastern European girls mind. Some of the hot escorts at Essex Escorts who are from Poland and Bulgaria look amazing and they have this sort of exotic allure. The accents are so sexy and as a girl who likes girls I have been tempted to enjoy a night of music, laughter and companionship with one of them myself.

So, what do you think? If you are looking at the Essex Escorts web site then you must know us local girls? Book an English Escort tonight and if it is me I will make sure that you know once and for all that the best girls are Essex girls!

By Alice Lovelace