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Girls who will leave you in Seventh Heaven

Following the shock defeat by Germany I hope that the Brazilian football team are able to find consolation one way or another. If it was me I would be on the phone to the local escort agency and asking whether any gorgeous football loving escorts had a slot in their schedule which could be filled with a soccer player from a samba loving nation. Try saying that after a couple of drinks.

Seriously though, whatever is troubling you a good, long, intense and sensual intimate massage is sure to provide respite. No matter how fed up I get with the world the second a stunning escort arrives at the door of my hotel room I am in seventh heaven and all my troubles seem so far away, to paraphrase the song!

To be fair the multi-millionaire footballers who suffered semi-final heartbreak last night are probably not short of female attention. No doubt they have sexy girls chasing them all the time, and not just for their autographs. But can they be sure that these girls are genuine and not just interested in their fame and fortune? That’s one of the things that really appeals to me about escorts. I really like the no strings attached companionship that an Essex or an Airport Escort provides. There are no games, no teasing, no politically correct over sensitivity on the part of a guy lest he inadvertently offends a girl who is interested in making him dance to her tune. With an escort it is just fun all the way.

By Alice Lovelace