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Just a sublime feeling of ultimate pleasure

Was it Robert Frost who wrote that when he came across two converged roads he took the one less travelled? I think it is a lovely description, an apt way of portraying those of us who defy convention and live freely. I have often thought that the special girls who choose to provide an escort service stand out from the crowd, and not just because of their physical beauty. For a girl to be an outstanding escort she has to have all manner of qualities that the average girl doesn’t possess. An escort must have an innate ability to put someone at ease. Some clients are confident when they meet an escort. They may have experience of intimate companionship, they may just have a natural relaxed manner when they are around women or they may just be the confident type. But some clients are less assured. Again the reasons are diverse. Perhaps it is the first time a guy has booked a busty escort? Or perhaps he just isn’t one of those confident and cocky types who can immediately strike up some deep and meaningful conversation with a beautiful woman. And so an escort generally needs to be able to read people, to understand what makes them tick and be able to know what to say and when. Of course the fall back position is the sensual massage, the cornerstone of the intimate companionship experience. No words are required and there is no awkwardness, only a sublime feeling of the ultimate pleasure. Again, it takes a special girl to make a man feel this good. Like the special girls at Middlesex Escorts and Essex Escorts.

By Alice Lovelace