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Apparently ‘Britain’s most violent prisoner’ Charles Bronson was invited to take part in the next series of “I’m a Celebrity Get me out of Here!” Now, apart from the obvious problem with this sensational scoop being that the bearded armed robber is actually behind bars I can think of one or two other issues that prospective viewers, not to mention participants, would have with this idea. Now, call me old fashioned if you like but the thought of Bronson in a white bikini underneath the waterfall stroke shower is not one that fills me with delight. I like my beauties to be babes if you don’t mind. I still fantasise over the Mylene Klass experience where she drenched herself head to foot and stood resplendent in a sexy skimpy swimsuit. Then there was last year’s hot model, the stunning Amy Willerton, the latest in a long line of beautiful girls ready to bathe for our delight and delectation. I’m still fantasising over the prospect of a string of sexy escorts from Essex Escorts being invited on to the show – mass shower scene anyone?

So, producers of aforesaid show please ditch this crazy idea and instead take a look at the online escort gallery at Essex Escorts where you will find several stunners more than able and certainly willing to spice up your jungle extravaganza. And I tell you what, with these delicious escorts in tiny bikinis getting all wet and soaped up you can guarantee that no celebrity will ask you to get them out of there – quite the opposite effect to the one Bronson would elicit I am sure.

By Alice Lovelace