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Desire realised...

To give in to desire is to live dangerously, for once you pin your hopes and dreams on the uncertainty of love there is no turning back. For some there will be the sweet satisfaction of being with someone who makes life worth living. But for others there will be nothing but despair and eternal frustration. Isn’t that why so many of us are risk averse when it comes to approaching a beautiful woman lest she be unattainable, unapproachable, and unmoved by our protestations of affection? Isn’t it safer to live in denial and accept the mediocrity that is ‘life’? Perhaps I am being too cynical, perhaps too truthful because it is quite an unpalatable thing to face the realisation that we could have more, so much more.

But then, as someone who appreciates the charms and the beauty of an Essex Escort I never feel frustrated. Instead I live in a world of sensual pleasure, my body massaged to sweet, sublime perfection. These busty escorts are friendly, approachable and attainable. A quick phone call and all of your desires can be realised. She will be beautiful, sexy, hot and fun loving and will place your needs above all else. A sensual massage from an ‘ordinary’ girl just does not compare to a massage from a special escort. For once live dangerously and call Berkshire Escorts or Essex Escorts for the best escorts you can book today, anywhere in the South East and beyond. The sure fire, guaranteed way to spend time with the woman or women of your dreams.

By Alice Lovelace