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Kate Bush is back to sell-out crowds, rapturous reviews and critical acclaim. I remember seeing some of her early videos and thinking that she was one supremely sensual woman. Her poster in a black leotard adorned many a teenager’s bedroom wall, not to mention many a middle aged man’s imagination! These days I like to have posters of sexy escorts as wallpaper on my computer screen but there we are, times move on.

Ms Bush’s lyrics are also very suggestive and there is a song on an early album where she sings about her stockings falling to the floor as she is seduced by a new lover, her voice like soft velvet, the pleasure to come lingering in the air. It’s very sexy indeed. Of course the Kate Bush who returns is not the young and nubile stage performer she once was: she’s in her fifties now and looks natural for her age, no evidence of Botox or lip enhancing silicone! Actually the busty escorts at Essex Escorts and over at Berkshire Escorts all have a natural look which I find very hot indeed. There’s something about a real woman is there not and there are plenty of real, live, flesh and blood escorts to give you a great time this evening. So, you don’t need to be dreaming if you want intimate companionship and a sensual massage from a stunning escort. You will certainly say wow when your escort arrives at your hotel bedroom door. And you need not worry about the hounds of love, your girl will be friendly, approachable and looking to give you a great time. Well, enough of the allusions to Kate Bush tracks – just book an escort and enjoy the sensual world!

By Alice Lovelace