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The Apprentice is back on our screens and once again we will have to endure endless hours of self-promoting hyperbole as each individual contestant proclaims themselves to be the best and brightest entrepreneur on the planet. During the course of the series they are shown to be anything but and whilst the format of the programme has become a little stale the boardroom scenes where cabbage faced Lord Sugar humiliates the weaker candidates are still watchable and enjoyable entertainment.

But not as enjoyable or entertaining as an evening with an Essex Escort I might add. When describing these girls one does not have to employ hyperbole, they are simply the most sexy, attentive, tactile and special escorts anywhere in the county today. Words like ‘beautiful’, ‘adorable’, ‘sweet’, ‘adventurous’, ‘sensual’ and ‘hot’ can certainly be applied to an Essex Escort without fear of contradiction. Eastern European Escorts, English Escorts, petite escorts, curvy escorts, outgoing escorts, submissive escorts, flirtatious escorts, and Caribbean escorts: whatever you desire there is an Essex Escort with your name on her speed dial!

These are the best escorts without doubt and you will have a fabulous time when you book an Essex Escort as the many satisfied clients will testify. So, spend an evening on the sofa watching bombastic buffoons boasting about their business acumen or an evening in a luxury hotel with a beautiful, busty escort? Not exactly a tough choice is it? The verdict is clearly in: Lord Sugar – you’re fired! Sexy Essex Escort – you’re hired!

By Alice Lovelace