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A 'must do' experience...

In a short blog earlier in the week I mused on the many obvious and some less obvious qualities of girls with the power to seduce through a simple look in your direction. Yes, there are lots of pretty women out there who will catch your eye. You may even try to take it to the next step by talking to her. She may respond positively to your advances and who knows you may even enjoy an illicit liaison or two with the honey. But then there are women who can do so much more with a simple glance, women who exude a sensual and sexual power that cannot be ignored. In the same blog I conjured some words as part of a desire dictionary to describe these hot and sexy ladies but they did not do justice to the adventurous, friendly and fun loving escorts of Essex! And so today I want to add a few more choice adjectives in an attempt to describe the precious and longed for qualities that make an Essex girl from Essex Escorts a must do experience. And we are up to the letter ‘h’ which immediately brings ‘hot’, ‘heavenly’ and of course ‘horny’, the last of the three applying to red blooded males like me who just can’t get enough of a good sensual massage.

Essex Escorts are undoubtedly ‘hot’ and this word is probably the single, best, most accurate way to describe an Essex Escort and a Hertfordshire Escort. So, a date with a busty, stunning, hot, Essex Escort? That would be heavenly thank you very much!

By Alice Lovelace